Bottega Italia I Will Miss You


You know how it is when you make a new friend just before you’re about to move on to pastures new. That’s how I feel about Bottega Italia, on the corner of Calle Feria and Calle Relator.

I’d heard a few people enthuse about the delicious pizza slices and fresh pasta, but for some reason, I’d just never thought of going in. (I was probably boycotting wheat at that point while on some intolerance-based, dietary deprivation).

I can’t remember the first time I threw my gluten caution to the wind and dropped in to try their pizza. I imagine it was on the way back home from a long dog walk by the river, picturing a sad, empty fridge on my return. I say this because unlike most pizza places in Seville, dogs are welcome and even get the odd doggie treat.

The Bottega Italia was started by two Italian guys, Diego and Alfredo, who ran something similar in Rome. On reaching Seville, they joined forces with Antonio, basque by birth, and lover of electronic 80s music. If you’ve met Antonio, it’s hard to imagine him busting some moves at a Depeche Mode concert, but having heard him wax lyrical about many a 80s act, I don’t doubt his commitment to the cause.

Food-wise, Bottega Italia prides itself on its affordable, fresh produce. Everything from the pizza, fresh pasta, salads, and pastries are made on the day. There’s plenty of options for vegetarians – with special mention going to their ultra-tasty, vegetarian lasagne. Of the desserts, I’ve only tried the tiramisu, which is a winner, and their pastry selection looks extremely tempting.

This week, just in time for my imminent departure back to life in the UK, they’re adding homemade Italian ice cream to their bountiful offering. And with that, their celebration of little Italy away from home is complete.

Bottega Italia, Calle Feria 116, Sevilla, Tel: 854 80 99 43

Opening hours: Tues-Sunday 9am – 11.30pm (Mondays closed)








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