Best Vegan Restaurant in Seville

I’m not normally one to speak in superlatives. Today I’m going to make an exception for ‘El Enano Verde’ (The Green Gnome) on Calle Feria, my current top spot for vegan food in Seville.

I’m not vegan, but I am pretty much vegetarian, and man, is it difficult to find tasty cuisine for non-meat eaters in Seville.

It’s true, a lot of newly opened eateries around town at least make a nod to the tastes of vegetarians out there, but there’s no guarantee their offerings will be pleasant on the palete. In fact, in some of the exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Seville, I’ve eaten what can be best described as chowing down on cardboard.

Not so, El Enano Verde.

vegan food seville el enano verde

Discreetly positioned on Calle Feria, near Banco Santander, El Enano Verde has been serving exclusively vegan cuisine since February this year, lovingly cooked by Irene, and served by her partner David.

The menu changes a couple of times a week and is a kind of ‘menu del dia’ – in that you can choose one dish or two, from a selection of about 8 choices. The vegetables are bought fresh from the nearby Feria market and there’s plenty of vegan sources of protein scattered throughout, in the form of legumes, seeds, tofu and seitan.

I went for the two dish option which was 8 Euros (1 dish is 4.50 Euros). The first course I tried was a sweet potato salad, on a bed of noodles and salad leaves with a miso vinaigrette. What struck me was the attention to detail (the sunflower and pumpkin seeds were toasted), the complexity of flavours and textures, and the generous size of the portions.

My second dish was a feijoada. I was just imagining some kind of beany creation, but in fact it was much, much more. As well as the kidney beans, all my vegetarian protein dreams came true with the addition of tofu, seitan, and loads of fresh veggies. The dish had a delicious curried flavour and again mahoosive in proportion.

Other options on the menu I didn’t try included mushroom tartar with tomato and avocado pesto, beetroot burger, and polenta ramen.

Desserts are also available (vegan of course) but are not included in the price, nor are the drinks.

Also worth noting is that apart from Friday and Saturday nights, El Enano Verde is only open for lunch, and is closed completely on Sundays and Mondays.

For more info, check out their Facebook Page

El Enano Verde, C/ Feria,61 41002 Seville, Tel: 646 45 97 17





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