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I am a bit of a nosey parker. Which is I guess how this blog started. When I pass by something new and vaguely interesting, or indeed something old and crumbling, an urge comes upon me that I can’t control, and next thing I’m inside coming over all Spanish inquisition. Most of the time it’s welcomed, indeed, I would go one to say it is a life enhancing activity.

la jeronima 1

This time, my sticky beak couldn’t resist peaking inside new craft beer hangout ‘La Jeronima’, just off Calle Regina. Craft beer is hot right now, but La Jeronima’s USP is to combine it with browsing through books. An odd combination at first glance, as personally speaking, after a couple of beers I tend to become a tad visually challenged. But anyway, the books on sale are more of the artsy or self-published variety, rather than your Michael Crichton page turner and presumably add to your locally produced, artisan beer drinking experience.

la jeronima

What I loved about La Jeronima was the self-constructed interior, made from recycled materials such as pallets and garage doors and put together by the brains behind the operation, Pilar and Eva, with a little help from their friends, who were paid in kind in the form of the aforementioned craft beer.

Inside, they’ve managed to combine cosy with cool, aided by the laid back jazz playing in the background. If beer ain’t your thing, there’s coffee and cake available, and future plans include a promise of regular afternoon and evening live music gigs

La Jeronima
Calle Jeronimo Hernandez 14-16
Wifi available


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